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05102 | Filtru RODAS Ø 1.050 - L 1.900mm - 34 m3/h - 2,5 kg/cm2

EAN: 8432611263123



Descriere tehnica

Horizontal Bobbin wound filters are constructed from fibre glass and polyester resin for a maximum working pressure of 2,5 kg/cm2.
The production of these filters is controlled by computer and other specifically designed machines with a large degree of flexibility which allows reinforcing at any stage of manufacture. Excellent relation between the filter weight and its mechanical characteristics. Greater filtering capacity and greater efficiency of filtration.
- Resistant to corrosion unlike conventional steel filters.
- Maximum operating temperature: 50ºC.
- Complies with European standards for pressure vessels 97/23/CE included un section 3 of article 3.
- Hydraulic pressure test 1,5 times maximum admissible pressure.
- Resistance and density calculations are based on norms BS-4994 and AD-Merkblatt N1.
- Pressure gauge panel.
- Manual air and water purge.
- Loading access Ø400.
- Air wash connection.
- Internal components and pipe in PVC.
- Collector arms and nozzles in PP.
- Bolts, nuts and washers in AISI 316.
- Seals in EPDM.
- Higher quality water is achieved with their greater filtering capacity. Indexes of turbidity and contaminants of the filtered water are reduced due to their increased retention capacity.
- The time between washings increases proportionally with the height of the underlayer, and there are fewer interruptions of the filtration, and lower water consumption, because the number of washings needed is decreased and there is less erosion of the filtering material.
- Greater efficiency of filtration and washing are obtained from the optimal combination of carbon, sand and gravel recommended for underlayers of 1.2 metres or more, lowering the loss of load and increasing the retention capacity.
- Side opening: For unloading the filtration medium and facilitating access to the interior, can be located in different positions.
- Collectors: Collection system with arms with 0.3 mm slots made of PP and uniformly distributed for correct circulation of the water.
- Less height, greater filtration surface
- Quality filtration and transparency of water
- The AstralPool high performance, horizontal bobbin wound filters are made of polyester reinforced with fibreglass; they are totally anti-corrosive, and have high mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance.
- Options for side opening placement.
- Inner coating for ozone treatments.
- Peephole Ø135 and Ø400.
- Consult for other options and pressure.