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74940 | PAR56 white projector 11,5W 1300 lm

EAN: 8432611922310



Descriere tehnica

PAR56 underwater lamp, improves energy efficiency compared to the traditional 300 W halogen PAR56 lamp. It must always be installed completely submerged. The lamps PAR56 are directly retrofittable with halogen 300 W lamps / projectors.

2 years warranty. Lifespan of 25000 h.

The RGB lamp is controlled by a remote control, which is included, with a 2 m range and can control 2 lamps. The White lamp does not include remote control.

To correctly light a pool it is advisable to install a light from this range every 15 m² of water surface.

Note: this recommendation applies to pools light in color with white light spotlights, but if there are RGB spotlights more should be fitted. In dark pools it is recommended to use more projectors per m².

Projectors PAR56 needs a niche to complete the installation. Projector Flat to wall installations is delivered with the accessory to install in concrete and polyester pools. To complete the installation in panel pools needs spare part kit 24765-0500.