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25465 | 11.800 l/h - 1 HP - 230 V II

EAN: 8420382071528

Descriere tehnica

Sena pump.
New generation pump range. With powers from 1/3 CV to 1,25 CV in single-phase motors and from 3/4 CV to 1,25 CV in three-phase motors. GS marking. Motor protection of 3,000 rpm with IP-55 protection, Class F insulation, AISI-316 in all parts in direct contact with water. Connections to piping by means of 50 mm. diameter glue sleeve.
Flow rates in l/h at 6 m.c.a. for 1/3 CV, at 8 m.c.a. for 1/2 CV and at 10 m.c.a. for the rest of the range.