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03226 | CTX-550 WinterStar (winteriser) 5 l

EAN: 8433092112023

Technical description

Winteriser for maintaining outdoor pools during the winter season. It prevents the intense proliferation of algae and bacteria that cause stagnant water and the formation of calcareous deposits.
Ideal for: Below-ground pools with vitreous tiling.
Added value: It facilitates cleaning in spring and prevents the proliferation of all types of algae.
It is non-foaming.
It ismpatible with all types of disinfection treatments (even with PHMB).
It is totally soluble in water. It ismpatible with all types of filtration systems.
Rmmended use: At the end of the bathing season before ending regular maintenance treatment, a super-chlorination should be performed using CTX-200-GR ClorShock dichlor granules (15 /m3). The following day, add 5 l of CTX-550 per 100 m3 of water. The water?s pH should fall between 7.2 and 7.6. Pour the amount
of product needed directly into the pool water whilst the filtration system is running. Leave it on for enough time for the product to be evenly distributed in the water. It is advisable to repeat the
process halfway through the winter season.