1 UN

25728 | Type D

EAN: 8420382637366

Technical description

Control cabinets.
IP-65 protection. Transparent glass with lock and key. All products are compatible with:
• 220/240V 1-phase (P+N+T) 50Hz/60Hz
• 380/415V 3-phase (3P+N+T) 50Hz/60Hz
• 220/230V 3-phase (3P+T) 50Hz/60Hz
24H control clock with programming steps every ⁄h. Connection for remote control of the pump (run/stop,...) for auxiliary equipment (cold detector, level control...). All products are delivered with:
• Wiring diagram
• Connection diagram
• Installation instructions
• CE conformity certificate
• Cable gland for each cable inlet and outlet.
• Screws and plugs (4) for wall mounting.
Depending on the nominal current of the filtration pump, the type of cabinet must be selected.
Control cabinet for pump protection and underwater light control with differential: Circuit breaker protection (1,6 to 10A) contactor, 24 h programming clock. 3 positions: Auto / 0 / manual. 230V 10A. Protected and controlled output for underwater projector. Single phase.