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DY050M | Pompa Discovery 0.37 kW ½ CV 230V

EAN: 843602321030

Descriere tehnica

• Self-priming electric pump for swimming pools,
with built-in pre-fi lter of great capacity.
• Pre-fi lter with transperant lid of polycarbonate wich
allows easy observation of the pre-fi lter basket.
The pre-fi lter is closed with a knob system of easy
• Pump body made in prolypropylene reinforced with
fi breglass, resistant to the chemical products in the
swimming pool, guaranteed to last a long time.
• Pump body lid and diffuser in Noryl. Impeller in
Noryl with shaft in stainless steel.
• Mechanical seal in graphite and ceramics.
• Motor shaft manufactured in stainless steel AISI
• Encloser motor, totally silent, with IP-55 protection,
at 2.850 RPM. Tension of mains feed at 230V-50Hz
single-phase or 230V/400V-50Hz three-phase.
• tPossibility of 60Hz upon request.
•nnections of suction and return at 2".