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Scos din productie | 49901 | PAL Chair

EAN: 8420382702941

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It is the perfect solution for facilities with multiple pools. It can be set up anywhere along the pool deck, and put away when not in use. Consistent operation: Features a 24 volt rechargeable battery, which powers a mechanical actuator. This combination insures the chair will work when you want it to work. Its hand control is completely waterproof. Easy to use: Can be operated by either the user or an attendant. Just roll the chair to the edge of the pool, lock the wheels, set the stabilizers, and it is ready to use. Structure made of proof materials resistant to the corrosion. Armrest & Footrest included. Makes any pool accessible in seconds. It provides a 136 kg lifting capacity and a 240º turning radius for safe transfers away from pool edge. It is truly the easiest way to get everyone into the water.