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70052 | SD-PPM

EAN: 8435283953859

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Elite Connect.
A total and automatic pool pH and chlorine control equipment by adding the advantages of salt electrolysis.
• Product connected using the internal Ethernet port and PoolStation app (available on iOS and aOS).
• NN compatible: Intelligent control in Fluidra Connect automation and the NN app (available for iOS and aOS).
• Scalable control functions via S-Driver® plug-in modules (pH, Rx or Cl ppm).
• 2.8" TFT color touch screen control panel.
• Compatible with Fluidra Connect and integrated PoolStation.
• It has 4 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs (relays) to control the filtration pump, heat pump, lighting, irrigation system, irrigation system, etc.
• Equipped as standard with gas detector, flow switch and compact probe holder (pH option).
• Equipped with high quality electrodes, with a life up to 12,000 hours under normal conditions.
• Production control from 0 to 100%.
• pH dosing pump included with pH option.
• Low salt version (1-4 g/l).
• New: Intelligent user interface and extended functions:
• 1) Touch screen with improved information for easier reading (new firmware).
• 2) S-Driver module to control most 3-speed variable speed pumps.
• 3) New relay box for easy wiring to control pool equipment.
• 1 10 A output for filter pump (up to 3 HP) and 3 6.5 A outputs for any electrical device.
• Elite Connect Power and Control Cabinet available on page 372 for ease of installation.