Polaris© Quattro™


Equipped with brushes and 4 Wheel-drive The new Polaris© Quattro™ cleans the floor and the walls by removing debris, even stuck-on debris. Multi-directional navigation delivers quick and efficient coverage of the entire pool. Its double-filtration filter canister and the extra-large debris intake collects both large and fine debris. The filter canister can easily be cleaned without touching the debris with a simple jet of water.

· ACTIVE BRUSHING: Attacks fine, stuck-on debris.
· LARGE EASY-CLEAN DEBRIS CANISTER: No-mess cleaning – simply remove the canister, shake and spray.
· DUAL-STAGE FILTRATION: Collects both fine particles and large debris.
· AGGRESSIVE WALL-CLIMBING: 4WD agility enables advanced cleaning of the floors, walls and waterline.
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