Lampada LumiPlus Flexi V1

LumiPlus Flexi is a solution made up of 3 components including the light chip.

The Lights of the LumiPlus Flexi V1 system exist in 3 colors:
White: ideal for high levels of lighting or pools with blue or white backgrounds.
Warm white: Ideal for natural pools or beige / sand background.
RGB: RGB LED products combine these three colors offering multiple color alternatives to set your pool. Available in standard version and wireless version.

The white and warm white light colors in version V1 are available in direct current and alternating current.

The RGB model is compatible with the LumiPlus Eco, LumiPlus RGB TOP, LumiPlus LED APP (wifi) and LumiPlus Modbus (Fluidra Connect) controls. The wireless RGB model is compatible with the Control Motion.

White / Warm white: 1 485 lumens
RGB: 1 100 lumens

Power consumption:
White / Warm white: 16 W (AC) and 14 W (DC)
RGB: 22 W

The V1 version is ideal for residential pools.
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