Blue Check - 5 in 1

Blue Check is a set of 50 test strips for use with the Blue Connect app that provides the customer with personalized advice for maintaining their pool water.

The parameters measured by Blue Check are:
- pH (measuring range: 6.8 - 8.2)
- Chlorine (measuring range: 0.0 - 5.0)
- Brome (measuring range: 0.0 - 11.0)
- Total alkalinity (measuring range: 0 - 240)
- Total hardness (measuring range: 40 - 1000)
- Cyanuric acid (measuring range: 0 - 150)

How does it work?
1. Download the Blue Connect app and create a new pool
2. Perform the test and manually enter the strip values into the application
3. Access the status of your pool water in real time, as well as weather data for your location
4. Follow the guide with personalized tips for treating your pool water. It indicates which chemicals to use and in what quantity.
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