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06470 - Skimmer 15L Polyester Pool - wide mouth - square lid - White

Description technique

All skimmers in the range have UV treatment in the parts that are not buried. Made of ABS, with gate float and plug for flow regulation. Lower suction connection: int. 1 1/2 ″.

Skimmers with round cover and square frame or with round cover and circular frame, depending on the version. Through an extendable extension, the height can be adjusted and the lid pivoted, so that it is perfectly flush with the capstone. Leaf collector basket fixed to the base by means of a bayonet lock. Interleaved gate support frame.

Recommended flow 7.5 m3 / h. or 5 m3 / h depending on the models.

It is recommended to install one skimmer for every 25 m2 of water surface area.

EN 16582-1
EN 16713-2