Who we are

Fluidra, creating the perfect pool and wellness experience for over 50 years

Founded in 1969, Fluidra has extensive experience in manufacturing and distributing innovative products and services in the global residential and commercial pool market.

With over 5,500 employees, Fluidra operates in over 45 countries through its own subsidiaries. Fluidra has 140-plus commercial branch offices and 30 production centers on five continents, supplemented by strategically distributed logistics platforms that provide support to both production and distribution centers.

Thanks to a broad portfolio of some of the industry’s most recognized brands, at Fluidra we offer everything users need for a perfect pool and wellness experience. This translates into a wide range of innovative products, equipment and services that incorporate energy efficiency and sustainability.

Our clients are our partners and we work together to deliver the perfect pool experience to every user.

Fluidra Comercial España


Our history can be traced back to 1978 when Plasteral was founded in Polinyà (Barcelona), a company created to manufacture plastic injected parts. Shortly after, it became the first company dedicated exclusively to distribute swimming pool products. Distribution accelerated rapidly across Spain over the following decade, with the creation of Eumawel, Equipool, Materiales de Riego, Surast as well as CTX (chemical product) and Cepex (valves and fittings) in the 1980s.

Plasteral, Eumawel, Equipool, Materiales de Riego and Surast—the five Spanish companies that distributed AstralPool products—merged in 2001 and the company name changed to AstralPool Spain. AstralPool Spain made a series of acquisitions over the years to expand its services and solutions, including the takeover of Ceibsa (which later became Certikin Ibérica) in 2006 and Master Riego en 2007.

In 2009 we became Fluidra Comercial España, the result of the merger of AstralPool España, Cepex Comercial, Master Riego and Certikin/CTX, four major Spanish companies that were leaders in their respective fields: swimming pools, fluid handling, irrigation and chemical products.

To improve our customer service, in 2011 we introduced a new branch concept based on self-service in Sant Boi (Barcelona); following its success, the concept has been expanded throughout Spain and to other countries. The Fluidra group merged with Zodiac® Pool Solutions in 2019, a transaction that became effective in the Spanish market in 2019. We’ve now joined forces to offer you a wider product range, bigger and better than ever before!

A robust company with premium brands

At Fluidra Comercial España we have the materials you need to build, renovate, improve and maintain pools for your end customers. We are experts in filtration, fluid handling, water treatment, heating, lighting, and all the equipment required for residential and commercial pools.We also provide irrigation systems.

We have over 200 employees and 21 branch offices across Spain, where we offer our clients some of the most prestigious brands in the industry, including AstralPool, Zodiac®, Polaris®, Cepex®, CTX®, and Gre®.