1. I've forgotten my password. How can I retrieve it?

Click “Forgot your password?” and log into your email account to get an email with a new password. We recommend changing the password provided the first time you log into the private area.

2.Who can purchase from this online store?

Professional customers registered in the Fluidra Comercial España database.

3. What freight charges do I have with e-commerce?

Shipping is free for orders over €300 sent to your usual address. For orders under €300 and/or sent to the end customer, freight charges are €7.

4.What price and payment conditions do I have with e-commerce?

The same conditions as agreed with the Fluidra Comercial España sales department.

5.What do I do if I can't find a product I want to buy?

In that case, email us at clientes@fluidra.es and we will inform you about the product.


6.What difference is there between a “classic” order and a “website” order?

There is no difference. Plus, with e-commerce you can check all your order information, whether created over the website or not (stock availability, order status, etc.)

7.How can I know whether my order was placed correctly, check its status and track it?

You will find all this information in the “My Orders” section.

8.How can I cancel a placed order?

Contact our Customer Service helpline (937 48 67 00 - clientes@fluidra.es) and give the order number that appears in the “My Orders” section.

9.What happens when I check the “Ship complete order” box?

If you check this box the order will only ship when we have all the stock you requested. If it is not checked, we will ship the products we have in stock and the rest will follow in a later shipment when we have them. In both cases you only pay freight costs once for each order placed.


10.How can I create a personalized estimate for my customers?

When you have all the selected products, hover your mouse over the shopping cart and click “View and Edit Shopping Cart”. There you will find the “Create Estimate” option. You can use this to indicate the product sales margin to your customer, add new costs (installation, other products, etc.), indicate invoicing dates, and ship products.

11.Can I save a customer estimate and reuse it?

The “My Estimates” option saves all created estimates. You can print them, copy them for a new customer, or delete them when they're no longer needed.

12. Where is my customers’ data saved?

Your customers’ data is saved in a separate and confidential environment in the e-commerce database that no Fluidra company member can access. Please check the legal terms and conditions of this website for more details.