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25951 - Estuche analizador CTX de reactivos líquidos cloro libre/bromo DPD-1 y pH ( color blanco )

Technical description

CTX test kits enable monitoring of both chlorine and pH levels in the pool at all times. It comprises 2 reagents; OTO (orthotolidine) to test the level of disinfection, specifically total chlorine, and phenol red to test the pH level.
Ideal for: Daily water testing in all types of residential pools and spas.
Added value: CTX test kits are an inexpensive, quick and easy way to monitor the appropriate levels of disinfectant and pH.
Recommended use: The OTO test must always be conducted before the phenol test, as the phenol test will not work and the results will be inaccurate if the level of disinfectant is very high. It is also important to clean the test tubes with pool water before use.