20 LT

03231 | 5 l

EAN: 8420381505345

Technical description

Super anti-calcareous product. Metal (iron, manganese, etc.) sequestering and anti-calcareous agent. Prevents cloudiness, the precipitation of limescale and stains made by metal.
Ideal for: Below-ground pools.
Added value: Prevents the formation of limescale on pool walls, ladders and floors due to hard water. Keeps water recirculation circuits, pumps and heat exchangers clean. Stops calcification in filters, thus favouring filtration.
Prevents the formation of stains in the pool basin due to the iron in the water.
It is a non-foaming, easy to use product that helps keep pool water clearer and more crystalline.
Rmmended use: Dilute the amount of the product needed in a recipient with water and spread the mixture evenly across the whole of the surface of the pool while the filtration system is running.
In pools with a water hardness above 45