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73138 | 77 Kg

EAN: 8433092112337

Technical description

A pH reducer in granules for reducing the pH to between 7.2 and 7.6 when it is above 7.6.
Ideal for: All pool types
Added value: Prevents the underperformance of disinfectants, cloudy water, irritated eyes and mus membranes, the breakdown of the skin's natural protective layer and the precipitation of calcium salts in the water leading to the formation of limes-cale due to water imbalance. High pH causes:
- Reduced efficiency of disinfectants.
- Cloudy water.
- Irritated eyes and mus membranes.
- Breakdown of the skins natural protective layer.
- Precipitation of calcium salts in the water leading to li-mescale.
Rmmended use: When there are no bathers in the pool, pour the amount of the product needed into a recipient with water (1.5 kg of reducer for lowering the pH by 0.2 units per 100 m3 of water), and then evenly spread the solution across the pool's surface.