5 LT

17959 | CTX-602 (-friendly anti-calcareous liquid) 5 l

EAN: 8433092112559

Technical description

Anti-calcareous liquid for preventing limescale.
Ideal for: Below-ground pools.
Added value: A dispersing and inhibiting agent used to remove and prevent limescale, as well as to help preventfilters from blocking up and metalmponents in the recirculation and filtration system fromrroding.
Rmmended use: The first time used, use 2.5 l of the product per 100 m3 of water. Subsequently, use 0.5 l of the productper 100 m3 of water once a week.
Thesencentrations are a guideline only and may be altered depending on the water hardness and mineral saltntent.
In pools that are not emptied during the winter, the water should be treated using the first-timencentration at the end of the bathing season.