1 UN

28026 | 5 l


Technical description

Pleasant fragrances smelling of apple, aprt and spring. Neutral liquid perfumes suitable for giving the water in pools, spas, hot tubs, hydromassage tubs, etc, a pleasant, clean, fresh smell.

Ideal for: Spas, hot tubs and hydromassage tubs.

Added value: Enhances bathers’ relaxation. The fragrances have been specially formulated not tontribute to the formation of foam, which makes it ideal for spas or pools withuntercurrent swimming machines, waterfalls, etc.

Rmmended use: Manually. Dilute the amount of fragrance required in a recipient with water and evenly spread it across the whole of the surface of the water whilst the filtration system is running (spas and pools).

Add the product whenever felt necessary.

Using a dosing pump. Whilst the filtration system is running, inject the rmmended amount or the amount felt required to keep the water smelling fragrant to the desired level using the dosing pump

at the filter outlet.