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WR000192 | GV 3420

EAN: 9317545059105

Technical description

Product characteristics:
· GV3420 es un limpiafondos eléctrico
· Adapts to all types of pools
· Ultra-powerful and constant cyclone suction
· Cyclone suction can hold debris in suspension using their high-power vortex inside the filter helping to reduce filter blockages and maintain cleaning performance.
· Extra-large suction capacity
· Its (very high capacity) 5-litre filter
· It can suck up and hold all kinds of debris for maximum ease of use.
· Ease of acces and filter cleaning
· Number of motors: 3
· 2 cleaning cycles: Floor “Deep Clean”: 1h30. Floor / Walls / Water line: 2h30
· Surface area: 1180 cm2
· Filter: 100 μ
· Cable length: 18 m
· Standard features: Control unit, Filter canister Easy access and large capacity, Trolley and Track front wheel for tiled pools