1 UN

00785 | Manual manifold 5 Val D.125

EAN: 8420382034202

Technical description

Valve battery - Coding.
Manual or motorized valve batteries made of PVC pipe in PN-10 with connection flanges to the filter according to DIN-2501 standard.
Butterfly or ball valves in PVC.
Motorized with electric or pneumatic actuators, to automatically perform the function of filtering, washing, rinsing and closing of the filters and equipped with two valves without safety block (electric) or double acting (pneumatic) and the rest of the valves with safety block (electric) or single acting (pneumatic) to avoid an accidental emptying of the installation.
To construct the variation we must identify the type of filter and the diameter of the filter, because the diameters of the outlets are indicated by the code of the coil.
All the coils will be supplied without support and without pressure gauge panel and disassembled.