1 UN

33970-2450 | 0,40 kW Triphasic

EAN: 8420382698886

Technical description

Air pump designed for spas, baths, hydromassage installations and similar which produces a constant stream of air bubbles at medium and high air volume levels. It can also be used to stir up the filter bed, for example in back wash cycles where a low intensity air current is required.
The filter casing and impeller are made from an injected aluminium alloy whilst the motor spindle is manufactured from stainless steel, with the impeller dynamically balanced and directly adapted to the spindle. The motors, single phase or 3 phase for continuous use, are made from steel in compliance with CEI 2/3 1988 regulations, and feature IP54 external protection and class-F insulation. The standard voltages are100-120/200-240V for the monophase range and 200-240/380-440V for the triphase models, at 50/60Hz.
The turbines have a maximum working temperature of 40ºC. Do not use in conjunction with aggressive, inflammable or explosive gases.
Please consult for technical variations.