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Technical description

New Ramses in-ground housing unit , just one product for all types of pools The new Ramses in-ground housing unit has been developed as a solution to a problem in todays society: increasingly less space available in our homes. Today we need to make the most of the space available, and thanks to the new Ramses in-ground housing unit and its reduced size, we can do this whilst being able to work with any pool up to 10m x 5m just by changing the hours of filtration. It is one of the smallest in-ground housing units on the market and so reducessts in terms of both excavation and transportation. In-ground housing unit for a pool is made of injected-polymer reinforced withfibreglass and aver. It houses a Ø 550 mm Áster filter with FLAT Top manual multiport valve and a Sena 1CV circulation pump.