1 ML

31169 | Maximum width 4 metres SAND


Technical description

The AstralPool automaticver uses hollow extrusion PVC watertight slats. The end-caps welded at both ends ensure their floatability. The 20 mm wide cap flaps can assure the total length of the slats. These flaps can also be of 10 or 30 mm, thus altering the total width of the poolver.
The slats are 71.4 mm wide and 17 mm thick, guaranteeing their floatability. In order to avoid stains, specially organic ones, the slats areated with calcium-zinc.
In order to best integrate thever into the environment, you can choose from the different slat models: White, Sand, Opaque B lue, Grey, Translucent B lue* and solar captor*.The slats in translucent blue and solar captor
can only be used in Northern Europe or in areas where there is less solar radiation.
* For use only in Northern Europe. Not rmmended for use below 45º latitude. For bigger widths, please enquire. ml = meter length.