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52132 | White Light colour - White decorative ring - Spa

EAN: 8432611140066

Technical description

To correctly light a pool it is advisable to install a projector from the LumiPlus Mini V2 range every 5 m2 of water surface. In darker coloured pools or stainless steel pools, we recommend oversizing the proportion of projectors per m2.
Projectors may be installed both in and out of the water. Niche according to model; not included and needed to finish the installation.

LumiPlus monocolor white light lamps and projectors are also available in Warm White.

Rated Voltage: 12V AC (RGB & White) 24V DC (RGB-DMX). IPX8 protection. Includes 2.5 m H07RN-F 2x1.5 mm2 cable. Fastened between a threaded bolt and 2” nut.
Consumption: 4W (6VA)
Luminous flux: 315 lm