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01419 | Chlorine and pH High Range Chlorine-scale 1-6 mg/l pH-scale 6.8-8.2

EAN: 4049991095561

Technical description

Pooltester Tablet KITs.
These are rapid quantitative analysis tests based on colorimetry. A tablet is added to a defined test volume and a chemical reaction takes place with a defined color change. A colored scale is used to contrast it with the sample and thus determine the value that most closely matches the color scale.
color scale. They correspond to the analyzer kits PoolTester, Poolcheck, and Checkit.
The Pooltesters allow fast and accurate simultaneous determination of disinfectant levels and pH values.
These products comply with the UNE-ISO 17381 standard.
For daily water analysis of all types of residential pools and spas.
Quick way to know the right disinfectant concentration and pH.
Directions for use: Remove the lid of the Pooltester and then rinse the compartments with the aqueous test to be determined. Contact of the reagent tablets with the fingers can alter the results. Once the tablets have dissolved, the test result should be read immediately. To avoid errors in the analysis due to accumulation of faults, clean the compartments and the lid of the Pooltester thoroughly with water after each analysis.