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52217 | P25 - 9,6 Kg

EAN: 8420382701500

Technical description

Heliox UV LP Inox for residential swimming pools.
The UV LP Inox and UV LP PE (low pressure) units are designed for residential pools. They operate at 254 nm wavelength, the ideal wavelength to eliminate microorganisms. They allow you to benefit from the latest technology in the field of water treatment by ultraviolet light.
Features LP Inox (AISI-316) & LP PE (Polyethylene):
• Stainless steel and PE versions.
• Double lamp version (LP30 and LP30+).
• Plastic injection Power Box.
• Fluidra technology (design and manufacturing).
• Lamp on indicator.
• Electronic counter of working hours and ignitions (lamp life time control).
• Flow switch (optional, LP• versions as standard).
• LP• versions with integrated pH/ORP control (integral solution).
• Dosing pumps not included.