1 UN

65557 | 10.000 l/h - 0,43 kW - (½ CV) - 230 V II

EAN: 8432611726024

Technical description

Victoria Plus Silent pump.
Self-priming pump from 1/2 HP to 3 HP with single-phase and three-phase motors. The pump body features an integrated pre-filter to prevent the entry of foreign objects that could damage the hydraulic parts of the pump. The motors supplied are IP-55 protected and conditioned to withstand hot environments and high humidity levels. The main Victoria Plus Silent features are:
• Low noise level: between 61 dBA - 70 dBA.
• Ease of use: Pre-filter cover with 2 handles included (no key required).
• Compatibility: 100% compatible with Victoria Plus equipped installations.
Oversized front bearing to improve axial forces.
Set of PVC accessories included in the pump.